Friday, January 28, 2011

The third trimester is here: 28 weeks!

Well I am a day early for the post, but so excited to say we are in the final trimester! woohoo! It has been a long and not so easy road to get here, but we are so blessed by this little life already. The journey from day one until now has been so fun, as we've watched and felt him grow and have learned glimpses of his personality already. The Lord is knitting him together perfectly!

Some updates on Bryce:
*He now weighs in at around 2.5 lbs and is around 15-16 inches long from head to heel.
*He is now blinking with his eyelashes in place. He has REM sleep cycles now, which means he could already be dreaming.
*He can cough, and have the hiccups- which Bryce tends to have about 5 times a day.. poor buddy. (He actually has them right now as I type)

Some updates on mommy:
*I haven't been sick for 3 weeks now, minus a few rare occasions, which has been so great!
*I am currenly wearing a really cool heart monitor for 2 weeks to record any palpitations/ irregularities that may or may not be associated with my thyroid medication.
* My cravings still change all the time: my newest addition is Dr. Pepper-just an 8oz can :) . I still crave any kind of pasta or pizza, salt and vinegar chips, and fruits/juice galore. I am also convinced I will never be able to eat deli turkey ever again in my life.

Our 28 week appointment is next week, and I will be taking the glucose test for gestational diabetes. I will also be getting a Rhogam injection because I am Rh negative. Rhogam is an Rh0 immunoglobulin that is given to prevent antibodies from developing against Rh positive blood. (This will prevent my body's immune system from fighting Bryce and any future pregnancy, helping to prevent complications and miscarriage).

I will update next week after our appointment and give some nursery updates also :)

Lastly, a new bump picture:

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