Thursday, January 13, 2011

::the nursery & other projects::

It has been nice to feel good this week and make some progress in Bryce's nursery and complete some other projects around the house. Daniel and I finally painted the nursery, after I made a color exchange from the first attempt. Thankfully, Lowe's sympathized with my distaste in a paint color that ended up looking like wet cement on the walls, so it only cost us time to start over. The final color.. White Scallion- a very pale green which I love! We also assembled the crib and changing table, which was surprisingly super easy.
My favorite part of the nursery so far are the things I got from Daniel's mom to have in the room. One is a needleart ABC's picture that Daniel's mom and grandmother had made for Daniel's nursery; the other is one of Daniel's newborn outfits. I love them!
Here are some pictures of the nursery so far:

Daniel's outfit and needleart: 
view from the bathroom door:
The blessing and curse: a bathroom in the nursery (can't put any furniture on that wall):
view when you walk in:

Here are the other projects I finished this week:

I assembled my Christmas present from Daniel's parents- a computer armoire! And I finally hung up some pictures in the family room :)

I will keep you guys posted on nursery updates... 100 days until our due date so it feels like crunch time!

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