Monday, September 27, 2010

No Secret Anymore...

10 weeks 2 days and counting.... we're PREGNANT!

I have been anxiously awaiting to tell the world our news, and so right after we found out I wrote our story and how I felt down so I could share later, so here goes!

"August 19, 2010

Oh my goodness! My thoughts are running in a million different places, but they all keep coming back to one: our God is so good! On August 9, I half-heartedly told Daniel I wanted to take a pregnancy test ( 4 days away from my period). I had felt nauseated a few days that week but nothing else- I know now that it was the Lord who put that idea on my mind, and we had no clue of what journey we were about to embark on. We had a test that turns into a plus sign if it is positive, and with eyes glued to the test, we both watched this faint line form a plus sign. I asked Daniel if he saw what I saw, and we both looked at each other bewildered! I can’t describe the flood of emotions that came over me, nor can I describe the thankfulness I had in my heart for the Lord to be so gracious to us and entrust us with one of His own. We hugged for an eternity, and I cried like I always imagined I would when that day came.

After the initial excitement and shock, I decided I wanted to go buy another test. (At this point I had no clue that pregnancy tests really are 96-99% accurate and that a false positive was extremely rare.) So the next test was 2 lines = pregnant 1 line = not pregnant.. and within 20 seconds we could see that 2 lines were showing up! Now we were for real PREGNANT!

What happened after that is already a blur to me- all I remember was laying in bed with my sweet husband, both of us still in shock and talking about our baby. I didn’t sleep much that night..or the next. I Googled everything I could think of- what to eat, what was going on inside me, vitamins to take, nursery colors, cribs, baby names, when I could hear a heartbeat, and any verse I could get my hands on about the blessing of children.

Fast forward to Thursday: We were headed to Lakeland for the weekend and told my mom on the way there. We told Daniel’s immediate family late that night. And now I am just bursting at the seams wanting to tell the whole world, or maybe just our close friends J We have been calling our child “Sweetpea” and I can honestly say that everything I do revolves around this sweet baby forming inside me. Sweetpea already has daddy’s full attention, and we love being a family of 3. I already feel this baby’s presence- frequent bathroom trips, nausea, vomiting, cravings, and lower back pains and every single bit of it makes me smile because it confirms that our Sweetpea is there and growing! "

Now.. I'm not so sure that I smile much during the nausea/vomiting anymore since dealing with it for 6 more weeks. :) But I wouldn't trade it for anything!

I hope to update weekly so stay tuned...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Willow House

Sorry for the delay in posting- it has been a busy month for me. Good news though!! I am now officially self-employed as a Willow House consultant! I received my consultant kit last week, and I am looking forward to booking some parties and getting the word out...

So, what is Willow House? Well, most of you may know it as Southern Living at Home, but they changed their company to Willow House as of August 1. For those who may not be familiar, the products are home decor & entertaining items. With all of the big changes going on, one thing remains the same: the products! Willow House has the same product line with the same design team, so the quality is GREAT.
If you would like me to send a catalog to you, just let me know! In the meantime you can check out a little more about the company and view our products at the website :

(If you see something you like just contact me and I'll place an order for you)