Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bryce's 22 week adventures in NYC!

 My feet are propped and I have no plans to leave the house today in recovery from our fun-filled weekend in New York City! This was mine and Bryce's first trip to the Big Apple, courtesy of Daniel's parents. We saw West Side Story on Broadway, the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, heard Tim Keller preach at Redeemer, and toured all over the city in between. It was all pretty surreal to say the least, yet my ankles are glad to be back again (this was my first taste of pregnancy swelling- a sight to see!) Here are a few pictures from the trip:

And now it is Christmas week..ALREADY! I am looking forward to time with family, especially when my mom comes down on the 27th. We sure do wish our little man was out here in our world with us, and already looking forward to next Christmas with him. But for now we will enjoy our first Christmas together as Mr. and Mrs. :)  Here is a picture of our first tree:
Merry Christmas everyone! Treasure our Lord and Savior as we celebrate this season of His coming here on earth, and look forward to and put our hope in His coming AGAIN!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Half-way there...20 weeks!

20 down...20 to go. Seems like an eternity until we can hold our sweet Bryce man! We had our 20 week appointment with the doctor on Thursday- good news is he is still a BOY :) He weighs around 12 ounces and is about the length of a banana from head to heel.
A report on me: My thyroid levels are still elevating so my medication has been increased. I believe this is because of not being able to keep the medicine down on a consistent basis. They will be testing for any underlying cause of what is triggering the elevated TSH levels in January. Also, I was referred to a cardiologist for some issues I am having with some racing & irregular heart rate episodes. My OB thinks it could be caused from the thyroid issues, but to be sure I have to see the cardiologist. My sickness is touch and go at this point, which for me is great compared to earlier weeks. Bryce- you are worth all of it little buddy!
A little info on our man:
Bryce is very active now, and responds when Daniel talks to him close to my belly (talk about a heartmelting moment). I can get him to respond to me if I talk in a low, deep daddy voice..haha! He also loves Christmas music like mommy :) His favorite things to eat right now are apples, tangerines, and pizza/pasta- he also LOVES pineapple juice. And he has completely forgotten how much he loved diet orange soda (probably a good thing).
This is long enough... I'll post our first Christmas tree next week.
And I did promise a bump picture: