Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week 29!

Today is 29 weeks and 3 days= 74 days until our due date! At this point, time is moving very slow..I imagine this will only get worse as each day passes. Our 28 week appointment last week went well- I had my glucose tolerance test and received my Rhogam injection. For anyone who is a mom or planning to be and you have a negative blood type, Rhogam injections are no joke! I mean I can't say much because I know my near future entails much more pain than that, but that thing hurt..bad. And it continued to hurt for about 3 hours. So, sympathy goes out to all who have had it, and a warning for those who will need it in the future :)
Now we will go to see our doctor every 2 weeks, which makes the due date seem closer than it really is!

On another note, I bought a web cam today so that all of our friends and family who live far away can see us whenever they want. I knew this would be a great way for everyone to see Bryce once he arrives, so I will be setting it up today. Thank you, creators of Skype :)

I'm working on a few nursery projects right now so I will hopefully post some pictures next week..
Lastly, the bump..

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