Wednesday, September 14, 2011

4 month firsts.

 first trip to IKEA..

first time Tennessee! 

first UT game day in Knoxville..UT beat Montana! 

first bowl of rice loved it! a fun mess! 

first wedding.. so glad it was Heather's!

first Lakeland Christian School football game..

first trip to Gigi's in Alabama.. are now yelling all the time-happy or mad, reaching for everything, flipping and rolling across the room if no one stops you, sucking your thumb, and sucking on your big toe anytime you are on your back. You weighed 20 lbs 3 oz. when we went to the doctor for your first cold at 4 months 3 weeks. you wear size 9-12 month clothes and a size 3 shoe. Still a size 3 diaper. you slept through the night a handful of nights this month (in your carseat because you were sick). I think you would sleep through the night in your crib if you didn't roll over in your sleep! We love all of your new tricks and love watching you learn new things- mommy and daddy love you sweet boy!