Wednesday, October 26, 2011

bryce- 6 months.

Our little man turned 6 months old on October 18th! Half a year has flown by already, and we are so thankful as we reflect on the little moments and big milestones.
At Bryce's 6 month check-up:
20 lbs. 12 oz - only 9 oz. gained in 6 weeks! What a surprise that was for us!
26 1/2 inches long
16 1/2 inch head circumference
Bryce giggled hysterically at 2 different nurses and his doctor- putting on a show! He thought measuring his head was funny, and getting his ears checked. One nurse got a giggle just for fun. That laugh will never get old!

Bryce is sleeping through the night, still feeding every 2 hours while he is awake, and usually napping 3 times a day. He can sit up on his own from laying down and stay sitting up as long as he wants, and army crawls wherever he wants to go. He started solid foods at 6 months and just eats one meal a day for now.
Still a size 3 diaper, and wearing 9-18 month clothes depending on the brand. He chews on everything that he comes in to contact with, and his favorite chew toy is a water bottle. We love our unique little guy :)

Here's a few 6 month pictures taken by Pops:

Can't wait to watch him learn and grow in the next 6 months! (Then comes the first birthday party that I have already started brainstorming on- yes I am crazy) :)