Monday, October 18, 2010

13 weeks..and lots of NEWS!

woohoo! We are in our last week of the first trimester.. I can't believe it! This is a huge milestone, as the percentage of miscarriage has basically diminished (around 3%). Sweetpea now has his/her own unique set of fingerprints, and is now beginning to go pee-pee in my womb. I think that is just too funny not to mention!

Our blood test results for a nuchal translucency combined screening came back this week as NORMAL, which means the chances of Sweetpea having any chromosomal diseases are unlikely. Such good news! I also found out that I have a Vitamin D deficiency, and if you saw me you would know why- I cannot tell you the last time I was out in the sun! I really believe that not being outside is the reason for my deficiency (most of the reason for not getting out has been because of sickness). Speaking of- my sickness ramped back up, but I am keeping my hopes up that it will be over this week..

We are moving to Florida in 8 DAYS! Daniel and I had already made the decision we wanted to start our family in Lakeland, and now that we are family of 3-to-be it has become a reality! The Lord provided our need for a job there, and now we are packing up to head to the Sunshine State! (maybe no more Vitamin D deficiency for me now) We are moving into a townhouse, but I prefer to call it a condo so that I can say I lived in a condo in Florida.. sounds way more fun haha! We are so excited, especially now that Sweetpea will have a nursery now :)

Ok.. time for baby bump pics:

I think I popped out this week... what do you think ?
Get ready for Bama/Tennessee pictures next week!

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