Friday, August 19, 2011

4 months.

Happy 4 months Bryce!
You are our alarm clock when you wake up talking to the ceiling.. Daddy likes to go get you so he can get that first big smile of the day. (Of course he brings you to our bed so you can eat- your favorite thing to do.) Your schedule is still the same.. you eat every 2 hours and want a 30 minute catnap between every meal! Will you stretch these out for mommy? You are starting to sleep longer at night- you went 8 1/2 hours between feeds one night! Mommy loves nights like that :) Your favorite toy is Sophie the giraffe, mostly because she is one of your only toys. You are scared of your Jumperoo, and not too fond of tummy time. Your laugh is the cutest thing we have ever heard- we get to hear it when we sneeze, hiccup, or tickle your belly. Hope you know how much your mommy and daddy love you :)

4 month check-up:
  * 19lbs. 13 oz. - back on the charts in the 99th percentile :) ( you have slowed down in weight gain ALOT-     it's all those cool moves you have now )
  * 25 1/4 inches long- 65th percentile
  * 16 1/2 inches head circumference- 59th percentile
  * 3 shots in your legs and one by mouth- you got to sport some cool Cars band-aids for being so tough!
  * The Dr. says you should be getting your first tooth in SOON! we are ready to meet Mr. Tooth who    makes you fussy even though we can't see him yet..
I'll post pictures after our big road trip to Alabama for my dear friend Heather's wedding! Bryce's first long road trip and first wedding :) We are so excited for you, Heather and Andrew, and happy to be a part of your special day!

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