Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 32-33

Week 32 has come and gone..already in week 33! We were very busy last week, and now I see that I don't quite have all the energy I thought I did. Sleeping is gradually becoming more difficult, and when you add a day full of errands I am exhausted! I am just thankful to feel good enough to get things done, so I'm okay with it. I have also had the luxury of experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions for the past few weeks. They only bring mild discomfort, and the doctor said that they are normal and good. My cravings have been pretty intense the past few weeks- topping the list are fruit smoothies from Tropical Smoothie. I was awake for 2 hours at 4:30 AM planning out a trip to Tropical Smoothie before church yesterday if that gives you an idea of what I mean by intense. Other cravings have been for sweet potatoes, pineapple, and cookies from the 7-11.

Last week the rocker came in to complete the nursery furniture- yay! this is what it looks like:

We had our 32 week appointment last Thursday- it is hard to believe how close we are getting to D-Day! We will have an ultrasound at our next appointment (34 weeks) so that they can measure him and see how he is positioned. He is measuring about a week smaller than he actually is from my belly measurements- which is perfectly normal and completely okay with me :)  We are just excited to get to see him again in a few weeks!

We also had our baby shower last Thursday night, which was hosted by some of the women in our church.   We are so thankful for the acts of love like this by friends and family to remind us that we have a community of support, and most of all a loving Savior who is our Provider. (I had my pregnant thinking cap on and took zero pictures of it so none to share on here..sorry! )

The only picture I have to show for the past few weeks was from the Magic game we went to. We were 12 rows behind the bench:


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