Thursday, March 31, 2011

36 weeks- nesting gone wrong.

Today we are 36 weeks and 5 days..almost full-term! I have been in nesting mode full force this week, mostly motivated by my intuition that he might come early. We have been cleaning and organizing the house, running errands, and buying all of the last minute things we will need before he arrives. Somehow that list grows everyday.. I know that all of the mommas can sympathize with that!

Tuesday was our 36 week appointment- now we will go every week! We had an NST (non-stress test) done because of my hypothyroidism and Bryce measuring so big. He did great and we loved getting to hear his heartbeat for 30 minutes straight. We will now have NST's performed every week until he comes as a precaution. For anyone who is curious, a non-stress test basically records baby's heartbeat and movements to make sure his heart rate goes up and down according to his movements. It also measures any contractions I may be having. The doctor also checked me and I am 50% effaced- any progress sounds good to me!

And now you may be curious about the blog title..
My plans for this week's post were to show you pictures of the nursery, since it is almost completely finished. However, the Lord had other plans and decided to allow a tornado to come through Lakeland today before I took pictures. The winds blew rain and hail at such a speed and angle as to make it's way into our house through the window seals. I know that sounds crazy.. only us! Luckily I was home to dry everything up, so no damage in the nursery. Not so sure about our wood floors down in the den though.. a moment to be glad about renting!
 I'll stick to my plan and show you pictures of the once finished- now disaster nursery (nesting gone wrong):

The water in the den was much worse:

Just one more reason I think Bryce might come early.. it's things like this that could send a pregnant woman into labor! :) until next week...

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