Thursday, July 28, 2011

3 months with Bryce- in a nutshell

Bryce turned 3 months old last Monday! WOW. It is sad to think how fast he is growing and learning new things. I just wanted to give an update in Bryce world before I forget all the milestones and memories since the last post.
*Bryce weighed in at 18 lbs. 2 oz  and 24 inches long when he went for a sick visit at 12 weeks old! He is averaging 11 oz. per week in weight gain and off the charts!
*Size 3 diaper and wearing 9-12 month size clothes!
*He rolled over for the first time at 10 weeks old. (He really hasn't done it much since then)
*He went on his first beach trip the weekend before he turned 3 months old.
*Favorite activities include laughing in the mirror, watching Dinosaur Train in his Bumbo, and talking to his overhead light.
*Still feeding every 2 hours like clockwork..but only once throughout the night most nights. He loves to eat (see first milestone :) )
*Had our first big scare and a trip to the pediatric ER this morning after a fall off of the couch head first onto the tile floor- luckily the CAT scans were all CLEAR! Hallelujah!
*Still dairy and soy free for mommy and baby- this allergy is no fun! (I plan to write a whole post just about this allergy and our issues we've dealt with)

There are a million unique things I could write about him if I had the time, but moms with little ones understand how hard it is just to find 5 extra minutes just to write a blog post! The only reason I can right now is because Bryce is still asleep in his car seat after a long day at the Emergency Room..

I'll end with some pictures from the past month:

trying on 12 month clothes!

king of the jungle

our happy little man

watching Dinosaur Train

just waking up

lounging at the beach

first time touching/seeing the ocean

pool time

Team Wilson :)

Our world is crazy but I promise I'll post again soon :)

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