Monday, December 6, 2010

Half-way there...20 weeks!

20 down...20 to go. Seems like an eternity until we can hold our sweet Bryce man! We had our 20 week appointment with the doctor on Thursday- good news is he is still a BOY :) He weighs around 12 ounces and is about the length of a banana from head to heel.
A report on me: My thyroid levels are still elevating so my medication has been increased. I believe this is because of not being able to keep the medicine down on a consistent basis. They will be testing for any underlying cause of what is triggering the elevated TSH levels in January. Also, I was referred to a cardiologist for some issues I am having with some racing & irregular heart rate episodes. My OB thinks it could be caused from the thyroid issues, but to be sure I have to see the cardiologist. My sickness is touch and go at this point, which for me is great compared to earlier weeks. Bryce- you are worth all of it little buddy!
A little info on our man:
Bryce is very active now, and responds when Daniel talks to him close to my belly (talk about a heartmelting moment). I can get him to respond to me if I talk in a low, deep daddy voice..haha! He also loves Christmas music like mommy :) His favorite things to eat right now are apples, tangerines, and pizza/pasta- he also LOVES pineapple juice. And he has completely forgotten how much he loved diet orange soda (probably a good thing).
This is long enough... I'll post our first Christmas tree next week.
And I did promise a bump picture:

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